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Win Some Lose Some

Win Some Lose Some

Win Some Lose Some…

Join us as we take a look at 3 people who had the edge this week and 3 that could have really done with it!


Elton John

Elton John definitely had the edge this week, but was willing to share some of the spotlight, allowing John Lewis to feature in his ad.


Theresa May

How do we sum this one up? We will get back to you in 2 years with an 800 page document that no one likes or agrees upon!


Richard Scudamore

The Premier League boss was happy to accept a £5million parting gift with each PL club being asked to donate £250,000. Could fix a lot of frozen Sunday league pitches with that whip-around.


Lewis Hamilton

He may not be welcomed into India anytime soon after saying India “is such a poor place” and questioned whether a Formula 1 race should be held there.


Van den Bergh

Van den Bergh proved his talent not only with an outrageous 9 darter, but with his impressive celebratory dance moves afterwards.


The Betting Edge Photoshop Guy

We are still tracking down whoever created this monstrosity, but rest assured we will find them and they will lose keyboard privileges.