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Win Some Lose Some

Win Some Lose Some

Win Some Lose Some…

Join us again as we take a look at 3 people who had the edge this week and 3 people who could have really done with it!


Marouane Fellaini

Once again Marouane Fellaini dug Manchester United out of a hole this week and it seems that fans have finally recognised how important of a player he is to them. Fellaini’s stock went up this week but Manchester United’s struggles on the pitch continue, Fellaini’s hair may well have grown back by the time Lukaku scores again.


Ballybrack FC

As far as lies go this is a whopper. It appears that to get a match postponed Ballybrack FC went to the extreme length of claiming one of their players had died in a traffic accident while returning home from training. Their game that Saturday was postponed while a minutes silence was held before other fixtures.  However, the player in question Fernando Nuno La Fuente was alive and to make it worse no longer played for Ballybrack. The club is now under investigation.


Frankie & Benny’s

This week Frankie & Benny’s launched a new scheme across their restaurants to try and get families to interact more during meal times by banning mobile phones. This comes after a recent poll found 7 out of 10 children wished their parents spent less time on their phone. We applaud Frankie and Benny’s for trying to act on this information, the added bonus if parents agree to this then the kids eat for free.


Chris Gursky/Tourist Hand-glider

This makes for some uncomfortable viewing. The video below shows the terrifying footage of a hand gliding adventure gone bad. Chris Gursky was not hooked onto the glider by the pilot and so when they took off he had to hold onto anything he could for his life. This went on for a few minutes as the glider picked up altitude and speed, eventually the pilot was able to get low enough for Chris to jump off, however, he suffered a fractured wrist and a torn bicep from holding on.


Sol Campbell

So Sol Campbell has finally got his first job in management after years of failing to land one, Sol says this is down to racism, which is one explanation. Another one could be that no one wants to hire someone who throws their toys out the pram every time they get told no and then runs to the press at every opportunity, but that’s just an alternative theory.


Aggressive Vegans

It’s not very often a stag party is not the most annoying crowd in a venue, however, this was true when a group of vegan campaigners marched into a Brighton steakhouse to make a speech about why everyone should turn to veganism and just generally trying to be as obnoxious as possible. It seems since this has gone mainstream more people have been turned off vegans than meat.