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Square Root Betting

How It’s Done…

Square root betting increases your stake when you are in profit by the square root value of your profit. When you are in loss the initial stake value is used.

This is a very simple method of betting, but can be very useful when backing selections to win. This method of betting is not designed to recover your losses.

See the following example for initial stake of £10. You can see how the stake and profit change as bets win and lose.

You can also download worksheet for Square root staking plan that will allow you to set your own settings and see the results.



Bet No: Stake Odds Won/Lost Bet Profit Overall Profit
1 £10 3.0 Won £20 £20
2 £14.47 2.20 Won £17.37 £37.37
3 £16.11 4.50 Lost -£16.11 £21.25
4 £14.61 1.80 Won £11.69 £32.94
5 £15.74 2.55 Lost -£15.74 £17.20