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Percent Of Betting Bank

How it’s done…

The Percent of betting bank staking plan changes your bet size when your betting bank changes. If your betting bank increases then your stake increases and equally, if your betting bank decreases then your stake decreases.

This is a more aggressive version of the percent of betting bank and can cause you to lose your betting bank faster.

This then allows you to withstand long losing runs without losing all your money. Alternatively you can use “ratchet staking” which means that your stake can only increase when your betting bank increases to a new maximum value. Ratchet staking will keep the same value of your stake if your betting bank decreases.

The table below shows how a betting bank of £1,000 and a stake change with and without ratchet staking option. The table shows that we can see how the betting bank increased after several good results, and then it started to fall when a series of losing bets occurred.

In this case the ratchet betting bank went down a lot faster than the regular betting bank. Attached is also worksheet that you can use to test different scenarios and see how your betting bank would change for different bets and odds.



Bet: Betting Bank Stake Ratchet Betting Bank Ratchet Stake: Odds W-Win, L-Lose Profit Ratchet Profit
1 £1000 £50 £1000 £50 18 W £850 £850
2 £1850 £92.50 £1850 £92.50 12 W £1017.50 £1017.50
3 £2867.50 £143.3 £2867.50 £143.38 5 W £573.50 £573.50
4 £3441.00 £172.05 £3441.00 £172.05 12 L -£172.05 -£172.05
5 £3268.95 £163.45 £3268.95 £172.05 8 L -£163.45 -£172.05
6 £3105.50 £155.28 £3096.90 £172.05 1.7 L -£155.28 -£172.05