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Parlay Betting

How It’s done…

Parlay betting is useful when you have many winning bets. It means that your strike rate is high and this is only possible if you are placing bets at low odds on favourites and expected outcomes.

Small odds will give you a small profit. To increase your profit you would take the winnings from a previous bet and invest it in to the next bet. By repeating this process your stake would increase with each winning bet and your profit would be higher. If your bet loses then you lose all your winnings and your initial stake.

This plan is not designed to recover your losses. More so, it is designed to increase your profit as you keep winning.

On the right hand side of the table we have 10 winning bets at odds of 1.10. The stake in this example is £10. Each winning bet increases size of the next bet by the profit that it made. This then stops after a set number of winning bets and in this case that would be 10 winning bets. After 10 winning bets at low odds of 1.10 our profit is £15.94.

You can also download the worksheet for Parlay staking plan that will allow you to set your own and see the results.



Bet No: Stake Odds Single Profit Total Profit
1 £10 1.10 £1 £1
2 £11 1.10 £1.10 £2.10
3 £12.10 1.10 £1.21 £3.31
4 £13.31 1.10 £1.33 £4.64
5 £14.64 1.10 £1.46 £6.11
6 £16.11 1.10 £1.61 £7.72
7 £17.72 1.10 £1.77 £9.49
8 £19.49 1.10 £1.95 £11.44