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Martingale Betting

How it’s done…

The Martingale staking plan idea is to increase your stake so that the next bet recovers all of your losses and it wins you a single bet profit. As your loss increases, your stake does too.

The stake is calculated by using odds at which the bet will be placed so it is not possible to know the required betting bank size in advance.

It is also not possible to know how many bets your betting bank can cover as it all depends on the odds at which you will bet.

If you are usually placing your bets at similar odds and have no big differences in odds that you bet at then you can estimate your required betting bank and the number of bets that it will cover. The following example will assume that you are usually placing bets at odds between 1.8 to 3.0 and that your betting bank is £1,000.

The right hand side of the table shows us that a betting bank of £1,000 would almost be lost after losing 11 bets and we would not have enough money to place a twelfth bet.

The principal issue with this is that if your eleventh bet wins you will be in profit that your initial stake created. This example is £1 at odds of 2.2 so profit is £1.2.

There are a variety of Martingale staking plans that are designed to recover 110% of your losses instead of 100%.

With that, when you win you also win 10% of your total loss as a profit. However, in such cases stakes increase faster as you need to win more.

Here’s a tool that you can use to enter different odds and values and automatically get Martingale staking plan estimates for bet sizes and required betting bank.



Bet No: Stake Loss Recovery Odds Req Bank
1 £1 2.0 £1
2 £2.25 £1.25 1.8 £3.25
3 £3.71 £2.71 2.2 £6.96
4 £5.97 £4.97 2.4 £12.93
5 £8.18 £7.18 2.8 £21.11
6 £22.11 £21.11 2.0 £43.22
7 £22.61 £21.61 3.0 £65.83
8 £74.15 £73.15 1.9 £139.98
9 £128.26 £127.26 2.1 £268.24
10 £187.28 £186.28 2.44 £455.51
11 £380.59 £379.59 2.2 £836.11
12 £452.95 £451.95 2.85 £1,289.06