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Lay 1-4 Betting

How It’s Done…

Lay 1-4 staking plan increases your stake on loss. Stake remains at that increased value until loss is fully recovered. If you get another loss then stake is increased again. When maximum set stake value is reached then stake is no longer increased, instead it remains at that value until loss is fully recovered.

This staking plan is designed for Lay bets and it allows you to know your maximum stake by setting maximum increase value.

Basic example for initial stake of £10 is available at right side, but for more detailed example that you can edit and add your own values you should download worksheet below that will allow you to set your own settings and see the results.



Bet No: Stake Odds Win/Loss Bet Profit Overall Profit
1 £10.00 3.00 Won £10.00 £20.00
2 £10.00 2.20 Lost -£12.00 -£2.00
3 £20.00 4.50 Won £20.00 £18.00
4 £10.00 1.80 Lost -£8.00 £10.00
5 £20.00 2.55 Won £20.00 £30.00