We have all heard of Football, Rugby, Snooker and Tennis…well I hope you all have. These are the sports that the big channels all want to cover and charge you mega bucks to watch but you probably have a loaded firestick and watch it for absolutely zero don’t you? Yes you do. We at The Betting Edge would never do anything like that…honest. Anyway, you’ve heard of all of those sports and more but we are positive there are sports out there that you haven’t heard of and that you can actually bet on. Don’t believe us? Just watch:



In English, it literally means “pole-pulldown.” It sounds like a game invented by children and it looks like it also. Each game consists of 150 players – 75 attackers and 75 defenders – and they beat the living shite out of each other. The object of each match is to pull the other teams pole down. The attackers use their team mates as stepping stones to gain height and try and pull the pole down. There is a huge market for betting on this sport with fortunes being bet on every match.


Every year at the top of Cooper’s Hill in Gloucester, England a 9lb wheel of cheese is fired down to the bottom at speeds of 70mph and the participants have to try and catch it. Nobody ever has so the real object is to reach the bottom first and the winner receives the cheese they’ve been chasing. In 2013 a foam replica of the cheese was used to stop spectators being hurt. Thankfully they use the real cheese again. The event attracts people from all over the world and with that comes people running books on who they think will win.



Yep, you read that right, Underwater Hockey. Hockey…underwater. Players have hockey sticks but they look like little blades and they try to score goals in the same way as conventional hockey but…yep…underwater. It was first introduced in 1954 in England by a man called Alan Blake and it has now taken off around the world. One of the more bizarre aspects of the sport is that if you wish to spectate, you have to wear a mask and enter the pool and stick your head under the water and watch. Obviously underwater cameras can capture the action and broadcast to tv screens for people who can’t be arsed almost drowning watching 10 people smash a puck about underwater. You can also bet on this sport with Coral bookmakers having reported on taking several bets on Octopush over the years.


When we began our research into this sport we googled the title of it and we still have unwanted images burned into our brains and some of our staff are off sick and we can only support them as best we can. However, the sport is a real sport and does not involve anyone interfering with any equestrian carry on. The origins of this event are straight from a pub. A local pub landlord in the town of  Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales overheard two punters drunkenly chatting about a man potentially outrunning a horse and claiming that over a long distance man was equal to any horse. The landlord decided that this had to happen and began organising the event. In 2004 Huw Lobb became the first person to beat the horse on foot and won a cash prize of £25,000. The event has grown in popularity so much that there are several others that take place across the UK with one having 500 people and 70 horses. It attracts competitors from all over the world and again, as such, people place bets on who they think will win. We at The Betting Edge would love to see Usain Bolt in starting stalls at Aintree and sprinting over 100 metres against a racehorse. We don’t think it will happen though as Bolt now fancies himself as a footballer.


Again, you read that right. CHESS…BOXING. It sounds like a job in a factory but it is actually a sport that allows strategic and mathematical thinking with alternate rounds of smashing each others fucking heads in wearing boxing gloves. This is our favourite of the obscure sports we have discovered. In actual fact our Head of Marketing said that this game was invented by his brother and him in the 1980’s when his younger brother would beat him at chess and as a result he would punch his brothers head in. It was actually invented by a Dutch performance artist called Iepe Rubingh in 2003.

A chess boxing match can end by any of the following:

  • Victory by knockout or technical knockout in boxing
  • Victory by checkmate in chess
  • Loss due to exceeding the chess game’s time control
  • Loss due to disqualification of his or her opponent by the referee e.g. due to inactivity due to overextended playing time (chess or boxing rounds following multiple warnings).
    • This rule prevents a player who is in an obviously lost position in one arena from stalling in order to attempt to win in the other
  • Loss by resignation (chess or boxing rounds)

In the case that neither of the chessboxers win in regulation time and the chess game ends in a draw, the fighter who is ahead on boxing points wins the overall bout. In case the scoreboard is also tied, the fighter that used the black chess pieces will be named the winner. This has not yet occurred in practice.

The sport is governed by the WBCA (World Boxing Chess Association) and there are title holders in a few different weight classes. Just like boxing, you can bet on the outcome of each match.



If you know of any other obscure sports that we haven’t managed to find please get in touch as we would love to try them and see if we can have some time off work with an injury or having won thousands and thousands betting on the outcome. We had a few suggestions here at Betting Edge Tower of obscure sports. They range from Microwave egg making, making a bed on fire and butter kidnap (cover someone in butter and try and catch them and throw them into your car and drive off) to bus chasing.

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