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About The Betting Edge

What We Do

The Betting Edge is a betting tip management solution designed for all punters that bet for fun or professionally. Punters that want to keep track of their tips, share or sell their tips to other punters. We are motivated by beating the bookie. It’s what wakes us up in the morning and it’s what drives us to provide this service for you. Some say that bookies can’t be beaten. We believe they can. If you have the edge…the betting edge.

The main goal of our website is to offer you following services:

  • Save your betting tips history to personalise the whole process for you

  • Analyse your betting tips history and find the best staking plan for your tips

  • Follow other tipsters and bet on their tips and eliminate tipsters with poor rates of return and back tipsters with proven track records.

  • Automatically notify all your subscribers when you add new tips to build a following for you and generate more traffic to the site

  • Automate betting on your tips by staking plan that you choose. This allows you to know that your bets are taken care of if you are busy

  • Sell your tips and earn extra money – who doesn’t like extra money?

We can also offer you digital marketing, software and web development services in case you want to sell your tips, automate your betting or promote your business.

It is of the utmost importance to us at The Betting Edge that we remain transparent at all times and that our trusted partners and affiliates are too. We have built this service with complete honesty at the forefront. Every offer we promote and every tipster and tip we give will be completely above board and will me all ethical practices. With this, we expect the same in return from our clients and customers as we feel this is the only way that our business and our relationships with you, the customer, will flourish.

If you run existing tipster service then please contact us as we are sure that we can help you sell your tips and automate your tipping and betting process. The aim of this is to stay ahead of the markets and bookmakers and, in turn, win you money and to ensure you always have the edge…the betting edge.

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